Live Drawing & Visits

I love coming to schools and other venues to talk about illustrating!

I'm available to speak with children of all ages, teens, and/​or adults about the illustrating process. Because I illustrate not only children’s books but educational books and product designs, I can cater my visit to appeal to both younger children and older students/adults.

My most popular audience are young children between ages 5~10.

I usually talk about my illustration work behind popular series such as Billie B Brown, Go Girl and Lily the Littlest Angel series.

Please feel free to contact me for book suggestions for each grade.

With my background working at high school and being a lecturer at tertiary school, I have vast experience in delivering fun presentation suitable for mature ages, to share my knowledge and techniques behind freelancing and creating illustrations.  

My presentations can include:

  • Presentation of the illustrating process

  • Visuals showing the different stages of book production (concept illustrations, artist sketches, final images, etc.)

  • Live drawing sessions. School gets to keep my illustrations from this session.

  • Optional drawing activities with the students

  • Question and answer periods

Alternatively I can run a Character Design Workshop for students.

(Students will provide their own drawing materials)

My current fee for school visits starts from $250 per session.

Each session lasts 45min~1hour. Travel, hotel, and meal expenses (if applicable) must also be covered by the school. Visits include up to three presentations a day and book signing of any books illustrated by me. I'm happy to visit more than one school on a trip, if you would like to partner with a nearby schools to share travel costs.

For local visits around Auckland city there will be no travel fee.

Fees for public libraries and professional conferences vary; please contact me if you want to discuss this further.

I am happy to negotiate and cater for different venue/audience needs. In the past I have given presentations and workshops at Schools, Bookshops, Coffee shops, Art centers, Cinemas, Shopping Malls, a variety of big and small venues you can imagine!

I also take part in art events and live drawing sessions. Any inquiries for visits, please email me at afukuoka@gmail .com or contact me here.

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